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The use of wood in construction helps protect the climate and create better living conditions for us and the generations to come. Wood is a material with unrivalled insulation properties. When used properly, it lasts a long time, is easy to process and helps to lower heating bills considerably, while its natural properties will give a unique and healthy feel to your living space. The quality of wood is of paramount importance. Carefully selected, the material will help reduce the costs of building and running your home. It will also give the desired look and add a genuine sense of luxury to your property. We are pleased to offer you what is best in Europe and beyond.
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We also offer the best standardised quality grades in Europe. A-VEH and SELECT

We use timber for precisely defined applications and of the expected quality to deliver the desired effects  that will last for a long time. Each type of timber must be accompanied by adequate specifications consistent with its intended use so that the material can meet your expectations and serve your needs for a long time.

Quality timber as a building material can preserve its properties for hundreds of years.

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Quality timber saves money

The use of high-quality building materials will save money during the construction process. It takes some calculations and common sense to realise that it simply does not pay to use poor quality materials from an unknown source. Otherwise, you will end up with higher costs of using your building, as cheap materials will lower the costs of construction only illusively. By using timber of the right quality, you will save time and money and achieve the desired effects. If you know the properties of the timber you want to use, as well as its advantages and performance under specific conditions, you can use it to produce unique and natural effects that no other material will offer.

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Our products

Our product range is huge. With a variety of products in stock and many more available on request, we are able to satisfy the requirements of customers in Poland and abroad. We offer certified, standardised products which are compliant with EU building regulations and which are particularly recommended to architects.

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podbitka drewniana oświęcim drewno konstrukcyjne deski tarasowe bielsko, producent deski elewacyjne boazeria drewniana bielsko boazeria drewniana czechowice

Discover the quality, availability and consistency of our wide range of products for virtually all applications and enjoy our professional customer service!


Czechowice – Dziedzice


At the National Route DK1
(Next to KFC & Auto Grill)

Monday - Friday

7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

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Contact with english speaking staff:

Adrian Góra:

mob. +48 535886888
e -mail: adrian@stamadrew.pl

Klaudia Kucharska

mob. +48 513269657

e -mail: klaudia@stamadrew.pl


Contact with german/czech speaking staff:

Stanisław Marszałek:
mob. +48 691374930
e -mail: stamadrew@stamadrew.pl

Retail and wholesale selling
(Polish speaking staff)

Wacław Góra
tel. kom +48 693999086
e -mail: biuro@stamadrew.pl

tel. +48 33 4889880
fax. +48 33 4889882

Adrian Góra
tel. kom +48 535886888
e -mail: adrian@stamadrew.pl

tel. +48 33 4889880
fax. +48 33 4889882

Retail and wholesale service
(Polish speaking staff)

Sebastian Kucharski
tel. kom +48 512791166
e -mail: sebastian@stamadrew.pl

tel. +48 33 4889881
fax. +48 33 4889882

Krzysztof Bucki
tel. kom. +48 533306056
e-mail: krzysztof@stamadrew.pl

tel. +48 33 4889881
fax. +48 33 4889882

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