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The highest quality of our wide range of products has been confirmed by tests and certifications to recognised standards. This is accompanied by professional customer service and immediate response to the needs of our customers to deliver the best in the wood-processing industry by drawing on decades of experience and practice both domestically and internationally.

By following a policy of continuous improvement and development and immediately responding to our customers’ requirements (because we know what sell), we are able to deliver the best possible end result!
It is the end result that matters most! We work all the time to ensure that our partners and customers in Poland and beyond actually get what they expect.

Large-quantity, certified and standardised production of profiles timber, timber for construction, finishing timber, new-generation garden timber.
Large quantities of hundreds of ready-to-use products available in stock from our and our partners’ warehouses.

Competent, practical and effective advice based on many years of practical experience in Poland and beyond.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Discover the quality, availability and consistency of our wide range of products for virtually all applications and enjoy our professional customer service!


Czechowice – Dziedzice


At the National Route DK1
(Next to KFC & Auto Grill)

Monday - Friday

7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

GPS data:
49 55` 53.32``N
18 59` 24.29``E

Contact with english speaking staff:

Adrian Góra:

mob. +48 535886888
e -mail:


Contact with german speaking staff:

Stanisław Marszałek:
mob. +48 691374930
e -mail:

Retail and wholesale selling
(Polish speaking staff)

Wacław Góra
tel. kom +48 693999086
e -mail:

tel. +48 33 4889880
fax. +48 33 4889882

Adrian Góra
tel. kom +48 535886888
e -mail:

tel. +48 33 4889880
fax. +48 33 4889882

Retail and wholesale service
(Polish speaking staff)

Zbigniew Wróbel

tel. kom +48 691726380
e -mail:

tel. +48 33 4889881
fax. +48 33 4889882

Sebastian Kucharski
tel. kom +48 512791166
e -mail:

tel. +48 33 4889881
fax. +48 33 4889882

Krzysztof Bucki
tel. kom. +48 533306056

tel. +48 33 4889881
fax. +48 33 4889882

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